Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 1 July 10, 2010

Ok!  Day 1 (morning) is complete.

My mother, sister and I swished the Sesame Oil around in our mouth for about 15min.

The result was a milky white consistency (as it should have been) and our mouths felt considerably cleaner and refreshed! 

We noticed that it seemed to have cleaned our teeth, along with freshen our mouth - we all have cavities and my mom and I have some exposed teeth, so when we rinsed with water it was a little painful only because the teeth were cleaned of any infirmities while swishing and were then exposed - and as most know....drinking cold water w/ teeth that are exposed isn't exactly pleasant! :-/

Thing will get worse, before they get better!

I have some videos to post but i need to upload them to the computer first, so keep your eye out!

~ Jess

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